Recently I turned my life on its head and left the comfort zone of home town, family and friends in Wellington (NZ), to start a new chapter in Western Australia. As I adjust to my new surroundings, I find myself thinking in the shape of stories and letters home. Feel free to take a seat and read on..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good to know

Himself gets home from work this afternoon and we decide to set off for a walk. Not far along the way he says my back is driving me nuts, I want you to click it. OK I say, thinking he means when we get home.  Next thing I know he is lying on the footpath face down. Beside a roundabout. It's not a main road or anything, but it is home time, although there doesn't seem to be anyone about. Before I have even finished getting down on my hands and knees and assumed the hands-on-other-person's-back position (while hoping my knees can take the concrete), I am surrounded.

Thank you bearded man on a bike, and thank you man in SUV, for materialising from nowhere and offering your help. I just hope you weren't dialling 000 while you were about it.

It's good to know people around here care.