Recently I turned my life on its head and left the comfort zone of home town, family and friends in Wellington (NZ), to start a new chapter in Western Australia. As I adjust to my new surroundings, I find myself thinking in the shape of stories and letters home. Feel free to take a seat and read on..

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Heart Sing - Part Seven, "Misc"

Misc:  some food, some more people, some signs...

Wonder what they're saying..
Excited to find my handiwork on the supermarket shelf in
Tanglin Market, Singapore (Chesdale slices packaging)
First photograph -
Then eat. 
Love the skinny latte sign
Please, don't be..
Aww.. cute
Hamper for handbags to rest in while we lunch
Sshh..  don't wake the bags
This girl will go far..
Reflection in fridge
Salted Egg Crab - Sensational
Raffles Classic Martini 
Chicken Hor Fun..
Which I inhaled through my t-shirt
Follow the queue
Roast Duck Rice & Dumplings ($6.00 dinner!)
The one that got away
That explains the queue
Yep, photographing the food
Chocolate-y goodness
I see you :)

I Heart Sing- Part Six; The Class

The purpose of my trip was to assist Denise Vivaldo with her Food Styling & Photography Portfolio WorkshopLA-based Denise has a wealth of experience and knowledge which she loves to share, and as an added bonus she is very, very funny. 
I spent a couple of days before and after the workshop hanging out with her, Heather Gill and Jazreel Chan and we had a great time shopping and preparing for the class, eating local food, and sight-seeing. It pays not to be hungry when you play with photographers and food stylists; every meal we ordered had to be comprehensively examined, tweaked and then photographed before we could eat!
Day One of the workshop was centred around Denise's professional styling techniques; and Day Two, Heather imparted pearls of wisdom on digital photography while students completed individual projects for their portfolios. 
First, get a lot of stuff together
Denise discovers the chicken comes with unexpected "extras"
They don't do heads and feet in America!
Seriously Denise, the chicken's a goner - CPR won't help now!
Poultry Equivalent of Hair & Makeup
It's a time thing
To Paint, or Not to Paint?
Et Voila 
Dewi piping
Perfect sprinkles
Waiting for their close up
Playing with Baby Bok Choy
Prawns one way
Same prawns, different way
Feeling far from home
Serena & Tiffany talk jelly
Jasmine jamming
Denise, Shaun, Fiona, Heather..  "root beer float"
Jasmine & Pat in conference
Double trouble - Jazreel & Heather
Birthday Girls
Rapt attention
And we're all done!